Dauntless – Co-op action RPG enters Free-to-Play global Open Beta this May

[Open Beta signup] Phoenix Labs, the independent game development studio made up of industry veterans from Riot, BioWare and Capcom, today announced that Dauntless, the next generation of co-op action RPGs, will be released into Open Beta worldwide on May 24. Over 100,000 players have explored the Shattered Isles and slain Behemoths in the current Closed Beta test, with another 700,000 players signed up for the Open Beta phase.

In Dauntless, gamers from across the world will be transported to the science-fantasy universe of the Shattered Isles. Players take up the mantle of the Slayers, brave warriors tasked with ensuring humanity’s survival from the Behemoths, ferocious beasts hungry to drain the very essence from the world. Players will join up and take down Behemoths together, bringing their spoils to the city of Ramsgate to craft new weapons and armor.

Dauntless features an innovative and robust ever-game experience which includes live service expansions and endgame activities that bring the world to life through regular content updates, events and more. Open Beta will be available as a free-to-play experience with an in-game store supported by cosmetic and vanity items. Phoenix Labs has ensured there are no paywalls or pay to win mechanics in Dauntless, with no paid loot boxes.

To facilitate truly worldwide play, Phoenix Labs is adding additional dedicated servers around the world. Servers in Brazil, India, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan are all being spun up to complement additional servers in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Updates to the friends list will make it even easier to turn new worldwide acquaintances into lasting friendships as Slayers will be able to see which of their friends are online!