SoulWorker – Shady publisher implements IP block with no prior notice

While publisher Gameforge is feigning ignorance, over this previous weekend regions outside of North America and Europe were IP blocked from accessing the SoulWorker, which was in the Open Beta phase. While it has been acknowledged over the past few months that Gameforge is the official publisher of SoulWorker in North America and Europe, no indications were mentioned if players from other regions will be blocked. The only notice given was on the game’s Facebook page and in a maintenance note around 5 hours ago.

Don’t get us wrong, we do understand why some companies have to implement IP blocks, but announcing it only after players from overseas have spent hours on the game and perhaps even on the in-game cash shop is just not right. Gameforge has had nearly a year to get this message right after revealing the game, and they chose to do it out of the blue.


  1. Not sure why people want to complain about gameforge like the jp version hasn’t been available for over a year, has some degree of eng(maybe other langauges) via an app and removed their ip block(last I checked 1 week ago it was still not blocked). This is everything an mmo shouldn’t be, so find a better game



  3. sorry for the ip block but us server was overrun from all other languages and bot this is why gameforge used IP block now are the massives laggs and bots away but we have again too much guys who not type/speak the server language XD

  4. I’m still able to play it from Singapore but what bothers me is the most if the fact that I do not have the access to the premium shop!

  5. This is abominable. But I need to add that right now I still can play it through Steam, and I’m outside EU (Russia).

  6. Well, GameForge is still there. Dong shit after shit.
    That’s why this game won’t be here for long.
    I played something about 2hrs, received tons of lagging glitches, uninstalled.
    This will be the new Tree of Savior for me. Good ideas, badly executed.

  7. Well time is something you cant go back, im feeling disapointed with this announcement we spend our time to play this game. That’s something anyone can take back. Even for their premium shop, there’s a people just want to playing and i one of them. I no need that premium shop like i care.

  8. People should read about which regions publishers take on… it was said in early 2016 that game forge will take on na and eu so why be mad that outside was blocked? … cash shop was still not implemented so no one spent money

    • Yes, they will take on NA and EU but do note that there are NA and EU published MMOs that can be played by people globally because at least no IP Block was announced nor implied.

      They actually had enough time to announce IP Blocks. Hype was accumulated and trust was even being rebuilt.
      But due to irresponsibility and the way they ninja’d people, no wonder people will be mad. “Shady’ may even just be an understatement.
      It ain’t about the lost money, it’s just simply about the proper setting of expectations – one of the basic fundamentals of trust building.

    • actually since last maintenance, cash shop was allready implemented, im heard from my friend, he said costume was for 3$ at there.

  9. lol. i was in game like 30mins, felt bored, then i took a glance at like 2 high level gameplays. the combat is basically no soul trash. 5gb client = trash content anyway. it won’t be there for long.

    • Wow, look how many people give a shit about your opinion that has nothing to do with the post above. also a 30 minutes in game is less than 4 eps while there are over 60 of them LUL

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