SoulWorker – Shady publisher implements IP block with no prior notice

While publisher Gameforge is feigning ignorance, over this previous weekend regions outside of North America and Europe were IP blocked from accessing the SoulWorker, which was in the Open Beta phase. While it has been acknowledged over the past few months that Gameforge is the official publisher of SoulWorker in North America and Europe, no indications were mentioned if players from other regions will be blocked. The only notice given was on the game’s Facebook page and in a maintenance note around 5 hours ago.

Don’t get us wrong, we do understand why some companies have to implement IP blocks, but announcing it only after players from overseas have spent hours on the game and perhaps even on the in-game cash shop is just not right. Gameforge has had nearly a year to get this message right after revealing the game, and they chose to do it out of the blue.