My Tamagotchi Forever – Classic digital pets return in new mobile simulation game

Tamagotchi is back! After the first launch of the iconic toy over 20 years ago, your virtual friends are back! Today, they are returning via your mobile phone in a beautiful game from Bandai Namco and Paladin Studios. Hatch an egg and take good care of your little friend to keep them healthy and happy! Whether you are a Tamagotchi veteran or this is your first encounter, My Tamagotchi Forever has plenty of fun and love for everyone. Download now!

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Meet Mametchi, Kuchipatchi and many more of your old digital friends in Tamatown. When players take good care of their Tamagotchi, they will evolve to adulthood. Help them achieve their dreams, from being an astronaut to science teacher or mayor. Each Tamagotchi has a place in Tamatown, and with the proper care and dedication, Tamatown and its adorable residents will thrive. With some diligence and love, you get friends for life!