H1Z1 – Mother of all battle royale games is now Free-to-Play

[Play free now] While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the battle royale game which has been taking all accolades over the past couple of years, it was indeed H1Z1 which stated the genre.  Developer Daybreak Game Studio could be blamed for not capitalizing on the initial hype around H1Z1, but it has since been trying to make amends by finally breaking the game out of Early Access recently. Starting today, H1Z1 has gone Free-to-Play as well!

If you feel like forking out for some bonus benefits, there are also 3 new optional bundles which can be purchased. And to reward players who had already purchased H1Z1 before the Free-to-Play converson (and lure those who left to return), Daybreak is giving out the “H1Z1 Appreciation Pack” which contains some awesome digital goodies. 15 teams have also been confirmed the for inaugural H1Z1 Pro League, set to take place in Las Vegas.


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