Armored Warfare – Second part of Caribbean Crisis content update goes live

[Play free now] Trouble in paradise continues, as developer and publisher calls all tank commanders of Armored Warfare to resume a vicious fight for survival in the tropics. With the final mission available in the second part of the Caribbean Crisis content update, players can now conclude the first Special Operations story arc. Changing allegiances, explosive action and all-new achievements await those engaging in the final story mission.

The introduction of dealer Oscar Faraday brings a new commander and a host of new finesse-based light tanks. From the Rooikat, a potent and deadly scout, to the Sprut-SD, an agile, if thinly armored, tracked vehicle with a powerful gun, players will be able to earn a new tanks through achievement-focused tasks. The new update also includes the addition of the VT-4, a powerful modern Chinese export MBT, a must have for veteran collectors.

In addition to the new vehicles in Armored Warfare, the update brings a brand-new map for Global Operations. Set in the narrow gorges of Switzerland surrounded by titanic mountains, the Alpine Valley provides a challenging terrain for armored vehicle operations, but nothing too difficult our battle-hardened commanders. War has come to this valley and players must root out the enemy and control this strategic location for their client.