SoulWorker – Anime action MMORPG enters Open Beta phase on Steam

[Play free on Steam] Earlier today, anime action MMORPG SoulWorker entered the Open Beta phase for players in North America and Europe (although there is no IP block now)! Developed by Korean studio Lion Games and published by Gameforge, the Open Beta phase is the first and last hard stress test for gameplay and technical infrastructure before the official release of SoulWorker. Remember to give plenty of feedback for improvements!

Using keyboard and mouse or controller, players assume the role of a chosen one in SoulWorker, who has to fight against menacing forces in a post-apocalyptic world. Every character is attached to an emotion, such as revenge or madness, defining their class and weapon. Using these feelings, the young heroes unleash special abilities and use them in battle for fast-paced attacks and defensive maneuvers along with stunning visual effects!

Fans of Japanese animes and action MMORPG lovers alike can look forward to a cinematic gameplay experience in SoulWorker, which makes full use of the HAVOK Vision Engine+. An extraordinary cinema visualization is created with an exciting background story, detailed cel-shading animations, cut-scenes and NPC dialogues set to music, making anime fans feel at home from the very first moment. It is time to save the world, one poor soul at a time!