Knives Out – NetEase announces PC version is in development

NetEase is gradually getting famous for being the China developer which pushes out high quality clones of popular games. During an event held yesterday to reveal NetEase’s plans for 2018, around 7 new games based on the Battle Royale theme, which was made popular by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, were revealed. The only Windows PC title was Knives Out PC Plus, which is an enhanced port of the mobile version now available worldwide.

NetEase promised several new enhancements and features for this PC Plus, including structures and designs based on China, a 8 km x 8 km first map, dual-wielding weapons, support moves with other players, and many more. To counter the growing illegal software threat, NetEase is also building an anti-cheat/hack software based powered by artificial intelligence (AI). There is currently no word on when Knives Out PC Plus will launch.