Gigantic – Perfect World announces the closure of hero brawler

[Play free now] Perfect World Entertainment, publisher of Gigantic, today announced that the hero-based brawler Gigantic will shut its doors on July 31, 2018. From now till then, the server will be kept alive with no more content updates from developer Motiga. If you did not know, Motiga has been without its core development team since November during a massive layoff. Perfect World Entertainment saved the studio and game back in 2016, hence credit should be given to them for trying. Sadly, there was just not enough crowd.

In the game closure announcement, Perfect World did stated that “Despite our best efforts, we were unable to find an impactful solution that would help Gigantic break through in a crowded market.” This would be a similar situation for games such as LawBreakers and Battleborn, 2 similar character-based competitive games which didn’t have enough mojo to shake off competition from Paladins and Overwatch. While Gigantic is definitely unique in terms of its visuals and gameplay, ultimately it is not the game everyone is looking for.


  1. i waited so long to play the game, because shitty things like ” must have windows 10 or xbox blablablabla” that when it released to everybody i lost the interest..

    • Another bad thing about the game was that they split up the PC community because the Windows 10 version was designed for crossplay with Xbox, so Steam and Arc users couldn’t play with Windows 10 players.


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