Conqueror’s Blade – Sandbox medieval warfare MMO enters beta later this month

[Beta registration] Chinese developer Booming Games today announced that the beta test for its debut game, Conqueror‘s Blade, will open on January 26. A sandbox medieval warfare title, Conqueror’s Blade recreates vast medieval civilizations and showcases their legendary weapons and fighting styles in a massive, immersive arena of war where players command generals and their legions in pursuit of victory. Strategic players will develop powerful generals while tactically selecting the most effective legions for each battle.

There are several generals in the game, each armed with different armaments and fighting styles. Generals may deploy multiple weapons with a unique set of skills that can be acquired and unlocked as players level up. Players’ armies consist of legions that can vary  from 16 to 40 men. Each legion features different skills and takes on a unique battlefield formation. For example, the Sword-Shield use a Shield Wall and are most effective in melee combat, while the Spear-Shield prefer a Turtle Formation and take on enemies with solid spears. The various formations offer different advantages to the legions during battles.

Spear-Shield’s “Iron Barricade” formation, for instance, provides maximum protection for the General from enemy attack by placing him in the center. The legions’ special skills yield high damage or special effects, like cavalry charges or archers’ flaming arrows. Some skills may be used only in particular formations, such as the Spear-Shield’s advance and retreat can only be cast in Turtle Formation. Remember to register for beta over at the website!