Samurai Shodown – Quick look at Closed Beta phase of mobile action RPG

Following our first look at The King of Fighters World, another IP under SNK has been remade as a mobile game which is exclusive for the China market. Titled 天下第一剑客传, it is also known as Samurai Spirits or the more widely-acclaimed Samurai Shodown. This mobile side-scroll action RPG is developed by FL Mobile, a prominent mobile games studios in China, with help from SNK Shanghai. Characters such as Haohmaru (and a few different versions of him) and Nakoruru are all in this mobile version of Samurai Shodown.

The basic gameplay is really simple: counter enemy types (there are 3 kinds) and dish out combos and massive damage. Typical of a Chinese game, players can expect plenty of PVE and PVP features which unlocks with progression, gacha system for characters (and their pieces), and the much-dreaded VIP system. The gameplay video above is just barely scratching the surface in terms of playable features. As SNK is looking to revive its fortune in the massive China market next year, we don’t think the game will be ported overseas.


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