Kritika – New class advancement arrives for Noblia class

About to celebrate its 5th anniversary, Kritika is one of the few F2P online games from South Korea which still has a global following. For its winter update, a new class advancement just landed in the Korean server for Noblia, roughly translated as Halo Mage. She is equipped with the weapon known as Twilight Finale, which itself has various secondary weapons. Together with powerful magic spells, the Halo Mage can bombard all her enemies to kingdom come!

Developer All-M has stated the Halo Mage is suitable for advanced players who like to have more control over their character. The team is now preparing the other class advancement for Noblia, named Elemental Fairy. This is a class which deals with different elements including fire, ice, darkness, and lightning. Spirits of each elements can also be summoned, and cast combination spells together with the Elemental Fairy. There is no schedule yet for her arrival.