ArcheAge – Developer announces new remastered version for early 2018

Korean developer XLGAMES might have fallen off the radar in most of 2017, but today the studio announced a new remastered version of ArcheAge is arriving in January. Based on 5 years of experience operating ArcheAge, this remastered version will only be playable in the new server, Orchidna. XLGAMES stated that Orchidna will reflect the “balance adjustment over the past five years” and touted it as “a new beginning for ArcheAge.” XLGAMES did not mention if the legacy servers are getting any new content updates soon.

Also, the founder of XLGAMES, Jake Song, recently visited Taiwan for a media conference. After a long delay and change in publisher, ArcheAge finally entered Open Beta last month. According to publisher Playwith, the highest number of players online reached 70,000, while the average number of players hovers at around 20,000 after 2 weeks of Open Beta. Gamers in Taiwan are skeptical about the numbers, as Black Desert still reigns supreme.


  1. They should take an example from BDO, no extreme P2W, only convenience and cosmetics in IS.
    People are allergic to p2w f2p these days.

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