Black Desert Online – Package prices for Southeast Asia server revealed

[SEA Packages] Set to enter Closed Beta later this month, Pearl Abyss recently revealed the package prices for Black Desert Online in Southeast Asia. If you did not already know, the game is a Buy-to-Play title with no monthly subscription, but comes with a cash item shop. This is similar to Guild Wars 2. First off, there are 3 packages available, and all of them provides Closed Beta access and guest cards to invite friends or family to join you.

Next, we move on to identify the prices of Acoin, the currency Pearl Abyss is using, which can be seen below. Breaking down the numbers, we can confirm the prices of each package:

Limited Package – USD 12.50

Prime Package – USD 31.25

Legendary Package – USD 62.50

While the packages are definitely not cheap for most Southeast Asia gamers, do take note that there are several digital bonuses as well. Also, a triple-A single player game on Steam costs around USD 40.00, hence the pricing is not really far off. Black Desert Online has tons of free content for the future as well compared to most games. Are you in or out? 🙂