Smite – China players will transfer to global server early next year

Earlier this week, it was announced that the China server of Smite will be merged into the global server on 18 January 2018. Publisher Tencent Games claimed that positive discussions with developer Hi-Rez Studios led to this decision, which will create one true global server and rank ladder. This move will also provide a better game experience and competitiveness to the China players. No “server closure” was mentioned in the notice.

Starting from 17 October, which has since passed, the China server will no longer allow new registration or credits top-up. From end November, instructions will be provided on the China Smite website on how players can move their data to the global server. According to the notice, these data will be transferred:

  1. Historic matches information
  2. ELO record
  3. All items, gods, skins, language packs etc
  4. Cash credits (10 credits = 1 Hi-Rez gem)
  5. Gold
  6. Completed achievements
  7. Incomplete achievments
  8. Friends list (only those who move to global server as well)

The last god, or goddess in this case, to be introduced in the China server is Nike, Goddess of Victory. We have not followed Smite for a while, hence we aren’t sure how far behind the China server is in terms of content. Players who transfer will also receive a Bastet skin.

Tencent Games is also working with Hi-Rez Studios now to launch Paladins in China, with the Closed Beta phase ongoing for several months now. There have also been small regional competitions for Paladins, although it is unknown when Tencent Games plan to launch the hero shooter. The latest champion added to Paladins is a DPS hunter call Strix.