Survived By – Warframe studio reveals retro MMO with permadeath

[Closed Alpha signup] Digital Extremes, the Canadian studio behind Warframe, and veteran developer Human Head Studios recently unveiled the fruit of their new partnership, Survived By. Unlike any other games, Survived By is a new retro-style Free-to-Play MMO in which up to 100 players fight side-by-side in a bullet hell-style battle where permadeath is just the beginning.

Pushed to the edge of extinction by a “corruption” that creeps into the World Tree, players will create a tiny but mighty character, craft powerful weapons, level up, and explore a chaotic, monster-filled landscape. Survived By encourages players to select one of the several classes (Alchemist, Harbinger, Infiltrator, Sentinel, Geomancer, and a Druid, for starters) available.

Every time a player dies, they’re survived by a new descendant who carries a small part of their legacy with them. These legacies provide benefits such as new buffs and stat boosts. With each successive play-through, players can select different survivors to experience a new way to defeat the hardest dungeons and bosses of Heartland. Register for the Closed Alpha phase now!


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