NTales: Child of Destiny – Soft-launch for new mobile RPG starting soon

Based in the Philippines, games service company OnPlay recently announced the soft-launch phase for the upcoming mobile MMORPG, NTales: Child of Destiny, will begin sometime this month. Developed by little-known Korean studio Rulemakr, NTales offer a wide range of classic MMO features, including co-op boss raids, unique costumes, various game modes, and over 200 maps!

Currently, the soft-launch phase for NTales is open to all countries in Southeast Asia and Australia, before a worldwide launch not long down the road. There are various soft-launch events announced on the official community page as well. It seems that NTales is the first game from Rulemakr, as it was founded back in 2015 with no functional website currently. Stay tuned for updates!