Duel of Summoners – Nexon launches new trading card game on Steam

[Play on Steam now] Duel of Summoners: The Mabinogi Trading Card Game, the intense new card combat game from Nexon America, is available now for free on Steam! Join thousands of other players worldwide to collect, trade and battle using epic digital trading cards based on the Mabinogi franchise which spawned several popular PC online games.

Start collecting and finding your opponents, as Duel of Summoners launches with:

1. 210 unique Lord of Farkka cards;

2. 51 beautiful stages dispersed between 5 engaging chapters;

3. 1 rare and powerful Special Card, Angel Orperia;

4. Duel of Summoners Fanfest – Players who login to Duel of Summoners before Thursday, 28 September (US time) at 6:00AM will receive 2 free Booster Packs;

5. Duel of Summoners Fanfest CONTINUED – Players who share a screenshot of opening their booster pack on social media before Tuesday, 3 October (US time), will have a chance to win awesome rewards, including 3 exclusive Booster Packs!


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