WildStar – Hacker had USD 397 trillion worth of game currency undetected

[Source] According to a recent report on Motherboard, a professional online games hacker known as Manfred revealed that he has USD 397 trillion worth of hacked WildStar Online game currency undetected, before claiming he is going to finally report the flaw to NCsoft. Manfred has lived off hacking online games for the past 20 years, starting with the grand daddy of them all, Ultima Online.

The reporter from Motherboard watched a demo video on how Manfred hacked WildStar Online in a bar with the hacker himself, and that is the only evidence available in the article. He sold the currency to other players, or to gold-selling websites. According to the article, Manfred says WildStar Online is going to be the last video game he hacks. Read the whole article at the source for more!



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