TEKKEN Mobile – Classic fighter series makes debut on mobile devices

[Pre-register now] Bandai Namco recently announced TEKKEN Mobile, which we believed is the first time the arcade and console brawler has made its official fighting-genre debut for mobile devices. Players can expect many iconic characters from the many different TEKKEN games to be playable, including Kazuya Mishima, Paul, Lily, Asuka, and even Panda! Official launch will be announced soon.


In TEKKEN Mobile, players can expect 3 main content, including Story Mode, Dojo Challenge, and Live Events. Story Mode is the usual PVE content, where players battle their way up various locations to reach the bosses. Dojo Challenge will see online PVP of 3 vs 3 in each team, with a ranking system ready. Finally, an awesome Live Events system where part of the content will be changed regularly!