Royal Blood – Mobile MMORPG showcased at developers event

If you did not already know, global games publisher Gamevil is currently working on Royal Blood, touted as the next generation of mobile MMORPG boasting PC-quality features using the Unity engine. Gamevil USA president Kyu Lee unveiled new details about Royal Blood during a keynote address recently at this year’s Devcom, Gamescom’s developers-focused conference.


Royal Blood will feature a living open world that intelligently integrates live events and quests to provide seamless cooperative gameplay. The game will also give players a chance to participate in massive 100 vs. 100 “Realm vs. Realm” battles. Finally, characters’ playstyles can shift mid-battle using the “combat-stance system,” opening the possibility for increased combat options.

In addition to new gameplay features, the keynote speech revealed details about Royal Blood’s development history and storyline, which heavily ties in themes of royalty and blood lineage. Royal Blood has been in development with over 100 employees for more than two years, and continues to garner attention from gamers for its exceptional visuals and immersive gameplay.

Earlier this year, Royal Blood won the “Best Graphics Award” at MWU (Made with Unity) Korea Awards 2017. Its multiplayer gameplay will scale with a high concurrent player base, and this unique feature is expected to appeal to a wide audience and traditional PC MMORPG gamers. Gamevil has placed Royal Blood as its key project entering the global mobile MMORPG market.


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