ArcheAge – Version 4.0 update announced for 4th quarter 2017

[Play free now] Over at Gamescom 2017, publisher Trion Worlds made a huge announcement regarding the next update for its flagship MMORPG, ArcheAge. The massive version 4.0 expansion is hitting the North America and Europe servers later this year! With major new features, content, and changes to the game, version 4.0 is aimed at making ArcheAge more accessible than before.


In version 4.0, players sail through pounding storms and the wailing undead in ArcheAge’s first PVP Naval Battleground, Bloodsalt Bay. The goal is to dominate the seas with a crew of 5 on board a ship, not just battling against 3 other groups of crews, but also monsters from the depths! The Naval Battleground supports cross-server battles, so prepare to meet new opponents during each match!