Black Desert – Quick look at the ChinaJoy booth of action MMORPG

As previously mentioned, Snail Games was revealed as the publisher of Black Desert in China, and it announced “20 tonnes of sand from Taklamakan Desert” will be imported to decorate Black Desert’s booth at ChinaJoy 2017. While MMO Culture did see the sand, the overall “desert” area felt really underwhelming, as we thought there would be at least be statues of the playable classes.

However, the front stage for Snail Games is pretty impressive! With 40 demo stations occupying almost half of the stage, the view looks magnificent. However, we guess that once attendees fill up the demo stations, people walking pass would only see their backsides… We also spotted some awesome Black Desert merchandise! Sadly, we couldn’t lay our hands on any of them. Take a look below!