Overwatch – Blizzard skirts around new loot law by selling currency

A couple of weeks ago, the Chinese government installed a law where game companies have to publicly list out the percentage drop rate of each item in digital “random boxes”. Overwatch was definitely affected, and Blizzard recently found a way to skirt around the law by announcing it would soon sell game credits for real hard cash from patch 1.12. How does this work?

Originally, players use cash to purchase loot boxes, which falls under the new law. However, loot boxes will soon be given for free with each game credits purchase. Since loot boxes are technically free, the new law for disclosing item drop percentage does not apply. Here are the game credits packages listed by a Blizzard customer service staff in the forum:

5 game credits (2 free loot boxes) = 12 RMB

15 game credits (5 free loot boxes) =15 RMB

30 game credits (11 free loot boxes) = 60 RMB

60 game credits (24 free loot boxes) = 120 RMB

120 game credits (50 free loot boxes) = 238 RMB


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