MapleStory – New Cadena class arriving for summer update

Over the weekend, Nexon Korea announced the summer update for its top MMORPG, MapleStory. Titled NOVA, the update will also see the introduction of a brand new class, Cadena! Similar to most major updates for games under Nexon, NOVA will be split into 5 different parts, with Cadena scheduled to make her arrival on 6 July in the Korean server during the 2nd part of update.


Cadena belongs to the Thief line of characters, and attacks enemies using a metal chain (damn gangsta). She can hook targets and move to them in an instant, or swing the chain around to do massive AOE damage. Cadena will be able to reach the 5th job eventually. Other major content include a new starting area for Cadena, Dimension Library episode 4 and Arcande River area 5 (Moras).