Anthem – EA takes on Destiny with open-world futuristic team shooter

[Game website] Activision Blizzard has committed up to USD 500 million back in 2014 to make sure Destiny is the supreme next-gen franchise. Which other company would dare take the giants on, other than Electronic Arts (EA)? Anthem was revealed to be the competition at E3 2017 by BioWare, the EA studio which developed the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, among many others.


While we still do not know the extend of real-time gameplay from the reveal trailer, it is safe to say Anthem is looking mighty gorgeous. Players wear exosuits known as Javelins, and explore the massive open-world through air, ground, and underwater. The co-op gameplay is there for all to see, which is really the highlight for me. Anthem launches on Windows PC and consoles in late 2018.