The King of Fighters – SNK reveals new games and projects for China

Japanese games developer SNK recently held an impressive press media event in Park Hyatt Beijing Hotel, China, sharing new details about its projects for The King of Fighters IP. These projects are mainly aimed at the massive China market, including new games, TV series, merchandise, and more. SNK President and CEO, Koichi Toyama, was present at the event as well.

1. The King of Fighters XIV Steam Edition (PC)

The King of Fighters XIV first launched on PlayStation 4 back in August 2016, and SNK announced the PC Steam version will be ready for pre-purchase and Closed Beta this month.

2. The King of Fighters: World (Mobile Game)

First announced earlier this year, The King of Fighters: World is a mobile MMORPG with a core storyline and classic fighting modes. SNK announced the game will launch this autumn in China for both iOS and Android devices.


3. The King of Fighters: Destiny (3D animation, Mobile)

The King of Fighters: Destiny is a 3D animation currently in production, scheduled for airing this summer. At the same time, a mobile game with a similar name is also in development at Yinhan Games, set to be published by Tencent Games. The mobile game was first announced by Tencent a few weeks back.


4. The King of Fighters TV series (Web, TV)

SNK announced it is working with a Chinese studio, 灵河文化, to produce a TV series based on The King of Fighters IP. The team is currently still in preparation, and shooting is scheduled to begin later this year.

5. The King of Fighters HTML5 game (Browser, Mobile)

7Road, one of the top web browser game developers in China, was revealed to be working on a HTML5 game based on The King of Fighters. There is no solid information about the unnamed game, but technically it could run on browsers and mobile devices without having to download any app, an advantage of the HTML5 technology.

6. The King of Fighters: All Star (Mobile)

SNK is working with CMGE, one of the biggest mobile games publisher in China, on The King of Fighters: All Star. While details are sketchy, I am pretty sure this is the one currently in development by Netmarble, which bears the exact same game title.