Contra – Concept poster and teaser trailer revealed for live-action movie

According to the latest media reports from China, a live-action movie based on Konami’s classic IP, Contra, is currently in the works and scheduled to screen in 2019. The production companies released a teaser poster and video recently, though emphasizing to reporters that these are designed based on the first concept once the IP was secured, and does not represent the final product.

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The movie’s synopsis describes a large meteorite falling on a deserted island in the year 1988, and 2 Chinese agents were sent to investigate. 29 years later, 1 of the 2 agents sent his own team, Bill and Lance, to stop the evil organization known as Red Falcon. However, the real mastermind is actually linked to the meteorite from 1988… Has the synopsis already spoilt the story?

The movie production companies behind the Contra movie has just started drafting the full script, going into pre-production mode, and looking for a special effects company and casting stars from Hollywood. If you missed the previous news, Tencent Games is currently working with Konami on developing a Contra mobile game, which I will post an update on really soon. Stay tuned!