Master X Master – Quick look at Closed Beta phase gameplay

Master X Master is a new PC competitive MOBA which is developed by NCsoft, featuring brand new heroes and also characters (known as Masters in the game) from titles such as Blade & Soul, Lineage, Aion, and even Guild Wars. While I have tried the Asian server last year, the English global server recently entered Closed Beta, and I thought I should give it a quick spin to see if anything changed.


The core gameplay and modes remained the same, while there were new content such as Masters, UI design, and the English voiceover. There is the PVE co-op story mode, the PVP mode (5 vs 5 and 3 vs 3) complete with AI bots, and also some currently locked, such as Mini Games (including the casual soccer mode). Master X Master is a MOBA suitable for players who love PVE or PVP, or both.


The Timespace Distortion mode is an attempt by NCsoft to cross-sell their other games. Here, players enter maps based on NCsoft titles such as Blade & Soul, Lineage, and Aion. If I am not wrong, the Fire Temple is from Aion. Before I forget, the Founder’s Packs are available now! While the only exclusives are titles, players can unlock more Master and skins when Master X Master launches.


You can certainly see hints of gameplay design inspired by the forefathers such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends, but you definitely can’t label Master x Master as just another “clone”. Skill shots and strategies still matter, but new players will find an easy time learning the game with the new tutorial mode, which is really handy. I won’t go into the individual Masters, but let’s just say they are really fun!