League of Legends – Jay Chou opens luxury internet gaming cafe in China

Asian superstar Jay Chou has opened a luxury internet gaming cafe in Shenzhen, China. The popular singer is known for his passion for League of Legends and is the owner of LMS squad J Team. The internet cafe is 1,7000 square meters large, and comes fitted with 230 PC units and several suites. There are also livecast booths, a bar, VR sets, PlayStation 4 games, movie rooms, and more.

Decked out in classy black, the whole project is said to cost around USD 2.6 million, which is definitely chum change for Jay Chou. All PC units are of the Alienware brand. His management team is apparently in talks with Tencent Games, owner of League of Legends and local publisher of the game, to hold various tournaments at the premise. The lowest fee starts at RMB 10 (USD 1.45) per hour.