Games of Glory – New cross-platform MOBA launches on Steam and PS4

[Steam page] Lightbulb Crew, a developer based in France, recently launched the Open Beta phase for its MOBA title, Games of Glory. A Free-to-Play, competitive top-down team shooter, the game is available now with seamless cross-platform play on PlayStation 4 (via PlayStation Store) and PC (via Steam). Players will enter the arena as one of 15 powerful warriors, each with three unique abilities.


The five classes – tank, support, carry, assassin and scout – allow players to choose the character that best fits their play style. As players earn credits in a match, they will be able to customize their warriors by purchasing and upgrading 50 unique non-character specific weapons. From flamethrowers and swords to rocket launchers and sniper rifles, dozens of deadly combinations are available.


Arkashan features a 4 vs 4 arena where teams take control of capture points in order to lay siege to their opponent’s base. Svandia is a 3 vs 3 matchup where players focus on defeating the randomized Star player on their opponents team in a race to win five rounds. The Club feature allows teams to customize their skins with an expansive logo creator or import custom designs directly into the game.