Black Desert Online – PearlAbyss is hiring for potential SEA server

Last month, PearlAbyss posted a position for “Overseas Service/Southeast Asia Business PM”, which might signal a Southeast Asia server is in the works. The candidate must have experience in handling games in the SEA region, with knowledge for both offline and online events. He or she must also handle various tasks such as marketing, business planning, and knows 1 major SEA language.

The posting did not mention if this position requires the candidate to relocate to SEA, hence there is a possibility that this is based in South Korea instead, possibly working with a regional publisher. However, there is still a chance PearlAbyss might open an office in SEA, seeing how they skipped the publisher stage for Taiwan. Obviously, nothing is confirmed at this moment, so stay tuned!


  1. I really REALLY hope the SEA server is F2P , i’m sick and tired of this B2P trend these days and how much Overwatch influence everyone to do that ****

    • well, all mmorpg games here in SEA are F2P,… correct me if i’m wrong >>> if black desert become B2P, it would be the first B2P game here.
      All we want is to avoid P2W and to be handled by a good publisher.
      All i can say is not ALL F2P games are P2W. Anyway, we don’t know the business model for SEA at the moment. F2P or B2P i don’t care.

      • I prefer B2P because F2P mmorpgs usually means P2W. Because to sustain MMORPG server, the cost is higher compared to MOBA servers. In addition, you need to come up with new expansions every now and then whereas MOBAs are always played on the same map. Therefore, if an MMORPG is F2P, most of the time it is P2W. I prefer it to be B2P and everything to be strictly cosmetic. If you have a new expansion, then we’ll just buy the expansion.

  2. we are ip blocked here in South East Asia. So go for SEA server Pearl Abyss.
    no one will left for this game

  3. Sheesh, just hurry up and release it. Why are they taking so long? There’s no need for localization or anything. Just release the EU/NA version here. The only reason why I haven’t played the TW server is because PearlAbyss would probably IP ban SEA once the SEA server is up. Also, I’d rather have B2P than F2P. This game is already a P2W, why would you want it to be even more P2W by changing it to F2P?

  4. Wish they would make official announcement soon.. I’m thinking of starting in tw server, but i don’t wanna waste my time..

    • RIP. If the game doesn’t come out of SEA ip blockage this year i’m done waiting for SEA XD
      Its alr been years and since we can’t get it,better games will come out next year or the next next year. But then again,i do want to try BDO D:
      RIP i got banned on jap and got more errors XD

  5. Why not just release NA version on SEA , i’m playing from SEA, ping is just a problem here, i don’t mind if it’s b2p , everyone is crying about p2w but really p2winning this game will not take you too far maybe if you are willing to spend 5grand atleast it can give you 2 penta boss weapon

  6. I dont mind buying this game when its released on sea, been waiting for so long. Its so satisfying playing mmos without p2w aspect on it and only knowledge and skill matters. No currency seller, no real money trading, good auctionhouse mechanic, only costume and convenience item on cash shop. Can’t wait to shitiing on rich kid who just got carebear with p2w mmo’s. FeelsGoodMan

  7. Please strictly no Asiasoft related company, they will turn this game to hardcore heavily p2w game at release.

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