League of Legends – Fan customizes 100-inch TV to view matches

Recently, the media in China reported about a League of Legends fan who ordered a customized 100-inch TV to watch his beloved game. The mega fan is none other than Wang Sicong, the only child of Wang Jianlin, who happens to just be the richest man in China worth over USD 30 billion. Wang Sicong is also the founder of Invictus Gaming, a professional League of Legends team.

No stranger to controversies, Wang Sicong posted himself with the “world’s first” 100-inch and playing League of Legends on it, causing quite a stir on Weibo (China’s biggest social network). Sony China, from where Wang Sicong requested for the customized TV, even acknowledged his purchase and asked if he is intending to bring Wanda Cinemas (owned by his father) into his house.