Blade & Soul – Secrets of the Stratus expansion arriving next month

[Play free now] NCsoft West today announced that Blade & Soul will be getting a massive new expansion, Secret of the Stratus, this April in NA and EU. Moving forward, NCsoft West announced it will offer larger and more ambitious expansions on a slightly slower release schedule to allow players more time to master content without having to feel rushed by the next update.


The “Secret of the Stratus” expansion will bring a host of new changes to the game. An important improvement includes a full overhaul of the skill system, making it a lot more user-friendly while still allowing players the same degree of customization as before. The latest expansion also brings Act VII of the main story and several new PVE areas, suitable for most end-game players:

1. Naryu Sanctum – A challenging dungeon for six players and full of incredible rewards

2. Celestial Basin – An exciting new open-world area for solo/casual players

3. Mushin’s Tower – New floors and leaderboards are being added to this popular solo dungeon

4. Training Room – A solo instance for players to practice skill combos and attack patterns

Finally, Blade & Soul is getting a purchasable voucher that will let players instantly create a new level 50 character. This will allow players who have been itching to try out a new class or get back into the game after a break a new quick way to experience a brand new high-level character! The “Secret of the Stratus” expansion is scheduled to go live in the NA and EU servers on 12 April.