Kritika Online – Action MMORPG has found a home for the western market

[Game website] En Masse Entertainment today announced that they will be bringing the action MMORPG, Kritika Online, to North America and Europe this year. Created by Korean developer All-M, Kritika Online is an action-heavy experience built around questing and explosive combat, featuring a unique set of characters. Closed Beta begins this spring before the official launch.


Featuring a unique cel-shaded art style, over-the-top animations, and a fast-paced combo system, Kritika Online provides gamers with a unique pick-up-and-play experience, with intense, fast-paced gaming sessions punctuated by high-flying action. Players will choose from four different character classes, and upgrade attacks and spells to generate the biggest, baddest player character possible.

Kritika Online is designed to get players in and out of action as quickly as possible, without all the filler and downtime of other MMOs. The player embarks from shared hubs to instanced “questing” zones, which end with an epic boss battle. Players can take on these bosses alone or team up with other players. Once PVE is mastered, there is the PvP arena to let players test their skills against others.