Kingdom Under Fire II – Blueside gives new update on game progress

Korean studio Blueside recently spoke to the media about Kingdom Under Fire II. According to Blueside, the development cost now stands at USD 78 million, making it the most expensive online game from South Korea. Blueside also revealed Kingdom Under Fire II will enter testing in China this March under publisher ChangYou. The VR version will be showcased either in May or June.


A few months after China, Kingdom Under Fire II is scheduled to enter testing in Taiwan, with the Russian server to follow in the summer. Finally, the game will land on North America, Europe, South Korea, and Japan. Blueside stated both the PC and PlayStation 4 versions will launch at the same time in NA and EU. New classes such as the Vampire, Crusader, Witch, and more are in development.


Blueside has also been improving its in-house game engine, Blueside Engine. Blueside Engine 3 will be utilized on the PS4 version first, followed with an update for the PC. The VR version will also be making use of this engine. Blueside claims the in-house engine provides a gaming experience which is superior to Unreal Engine 4. New content updates are planned to be added every 4 to 5 months.