Sengoku Blades – New Japanese mobile game arriving in Southeast Asia

[Pre-register] Magic Box Asia, a Southeast Asia publisher focused on operating Japanese mobile games, including the fan-favorite Dragon Ace, recently announced its latest mobile game, Sengoku Blades. Developed by up-and-coming Japanese studio Oratta Inc., this new Free-to-Play and turn-based strategy mobile RPG will be available in 10 countries in Southeast Asia at launch.=


Sengoku Blades features key historical figures from the Sengoku-era, transcended into beautifully crafted Japanese-styled characters. They include Oda Nobunaga, Miyamoto Musashi, Takeda Shingen, and many more generals. The game is filled with in-depth strategies and mechanics from having to know how to select the right weapons, skills, and characters to defeat each stage.

Another unique feature of Sengoku Blades is the feudal town system. Players will get to manage their Sengoku-styled town and get to interact with their favorite characters inside each town. The more interaction there is, the stronger the bond between their favorite character will become. The game is open for pre-registration with free items to be given out during launch next month.