Sdorica – New fantasy mobile RPG to be revealed at Taipei Game Show

Taiwanese developer Rayark is best known for its visually gorgeous sci-fi action mobile game, Implosion, which took the app stores by storm when it first launched. The studio recently announced its new mobile RPG, Sdorica, which will have a playable demo at Taipei Game Show starting tomorrow. Sdorica is both the name of an ancient dragon and also the land where the game takes place.


Rayark claims Sdorica is “pushing the standards of RPG mobile games to a whole new level” on the game teaser website, but currently there is only the teaser trailer above which gives a quick glance of the combat gameplay. Rayark will be presenting Sdorica on the Google Play stage this weekend as well to promote the game. I am getting a Seven Knights vibe here, but I will judge once more is shown.