Hundred Soul – Gorgeous action mobile RPG finds publisher

First revealed this past November and formerly known as Project 100, Korean startup studio Hound 13 announced today it has signed a publishing contract with LINE to publish Hundred Soul in 13 countries. LINE apparently invested in the studio as well. Crafted using the Unity engine, Hundred Soul is all about strategically taking down huge bosses while crafting hundreds of equipment.



  1. So these mobile companies are jazzing up the visuals for mobile games and not porting it to a PC which
    can actually look much better and play a whole lot better than playing it on small screen just does not make sense any more.
    Why not develop for the apple watch as well.

    • @dark
      Your opinion is wrong. It does actually look vastly different than most mobile rpgs.

      You can choose to ignore that and be on the cool “I hate mobile rpg-don’t-like-this-market-change”-thing, or you can actually just… see it for what it is??

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