FlyFF Legacy – Quick look at new FlyFF mobile RPG launched in South Korea

Ever since Gala-net sold its gPotato games portal to Webzen, the company has retreated back to South Korea and Japan, being rather quiet in the Western market other than a recently-defunct mobile game, FlyFF All Stars. Partnering with a local publisher, Gala-net is trying to revive FlyFF on mobile devices with the new RPG, FlyFF Legacy, which launched recently in South Korea.


I have yet to reach the level which allows me to fly across the skies on my broom (yes there is flying!), but here is a screenshot below depicting the flying action. It is frustrating that 2 hours into the game, the signature feature of FlyFF is still not unlocked. I have not come across any exciting features in my short time in the game, but grinding to level 800 (the highest level map) seems like chore.