Revelation Online – Second Closed Beta begins for orient MMORPG

[Register now] Global publisher and developer NetEase proudly announce Revelation Online has entered its Second Closed Beta test. As a thank-you to players who received access during the previous phase, and NetEase have extended access to the second phase to those players. Players will be able to join their friends in Nuanor and explore the storyline up to level 49.


All players participating in Closed Beta Test 2 prior to the 23 of December will receive two holiday themed garments for their adventurer. The second phase of testing for the anticipated MMORPG will be taking place until January 3. Players will discover the massive open lands of Nuanor, explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery, and use the power of flight to experience absolute freedom.



  1. cbt 2 is really cbt 1.1 as they have done next to no bug fixing on the client ( in fact there are now things broken that were wroking in cbt1) translation has moved forward by about 5 quests lol

    this game is going to be a bust can see it happening already

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