Hyper Universe – Nexon launching new side-scroll MOBA next week

One of the few PC online games Nexon is exhibiting at G-Star this week, Hyper Universe will enter its Pre-Open Beta phase later today till the 20th, followed by an official Open Beta on 22nd November. Known as “the game with Power Rangers and Bruce Lee”, Hyper Universe is a side-scrolling MOBA developed by Cwavesoft. Characters in the game are known as “Hypers”, each with unique abilities.


If you have played other side-scroll MOBA games such as Awesomenauts, you would feel right at home in Hyper Universe. Rather than having lanes, there are 7 levels for players on the 2 teams to battle it out, including a big boss at the top level, and mini-bosses and monster spawns in the other levels. There are 6 categories of Hypers: Tanker, Bruiser, Technician, Stalker, Supporter, and Striker.