Heroes of Incredible Tales – Mobile RPG gets top prize in game awards

On the night before G-Star begins, there will be an awards ceremony to recognize the top games released in that year. Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT), developed by Nat Games using Unreal Engine 4 and published globally by Nexon, took home the coveted Presidential Award. HIT also took home the award for best game developed in Korea. An incredible achievement for indie studio Nat Games!


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HIT was praised not only for graphics, but also for its real-time PVP and raids. There were 25 awards divided into several categories, with games such as Tree of Savior and Bless among the recipients. To no surprise, Blizzard’s Overwatch claimed the award for best foreign game. The era of PC online games is certainly on a decline, and we should see even more mobile games as winners next year.