Black Desert Online – Valkyrie awakening arrives in English server

[Game website] A new class has gained her Awakening status in Black Desert Online. The Valkyrie normally deals with her enemies using her sword and defenses, but she can now swap to a fearsome one-handed lance which grants her extra reach to engage foes before they come too close. If you missed the news, publisher Kakao Games recently signed a new MMORPG for NA and EU markets.


In addition to boosting her already rock-like defenses, Awakening adds new offensive skills to the Valkyrie’s arsenal, allowing her to deal a greater amount of damage to multiple targets while quickly moving about the battlefield with her long-reaching lance. A defensive force to be reckoned with, the Valkyrie excels at withstanding high-power attacks while supporting her allies with special buffs.

black-desert-online-valkyrie-awakening-screenshot-1 black-desert-online-valkyrie-awakening-screenshot-2 black-desert-online-valkyrie-awakening-screenshot-3