Webzen – Global games publisher confirms 2 games for G-Star 2016

Publisher and developer Webzen today held a media conference, highlighting its plans for next month’s G-Star event. Webzen will just have 2 games at G-Star, with mobile game Azera: Iron Heart and MU Legend leading the company’s front. Azera: Iron Heart is based on a PC MMORPG which is now defunct. The mobile version will adapt the action RPG format and launch this December.


MU Legend is Webzen’s main focus right now, having shut down a couple other PC online games recently. The game entered its first Closed Beta for the global server yesterday, while the Korean server is scheduled to launch in the first quarter next year (2017) with new content, including the Empahsizer class. Part of the new content will be showcased at G-Star 2016 in the consumer hall.