Dimensional Battle Maiden – Brief look at new action mobile RPG

For years now, games developed in China usually lack quality, no matter if it is a Free-to-Play MMORPG or mobile game. Recently, a new mobile game roughly translated as “Dimensional Battle Maiden” entered Open Beta, published by China’s 2nd largest games company, NetEase (the one in bed with Blizzard). I did not have much hope in the game, but I was actually surprised by the game’s quality.


Developed by one of NetEase’s internal studios, the twitch combat in Dimensional Battle Maiden is pretty good despite being played on PC. Featuring 4 characters, the game does look slightly familiar to some Free-to-Play games from Korea, including Closers and Soul Worker. While the game is still catered to those with deep pockets with the imba VIP system, the quality really impressed me.


Other than the crisp combat, there are also features such as the powerful possessed mode, real-time co-op boss battles (instanced), PVP battles, solo boss fights (instanced), crafting, and avatar costumes. NetEase is not known to import Chinese games over the the English regions, and its useless North America team had previously mentioned “China and North America have different gamers“.