Ultimate Weapon – Quick look at first team brawler by Perfect World China

If you ask me, Perfect World China has been on the slide for the past couple of years with its self-development department. Once the pride of the Chinese game development scene for the overseas market, it has now degraded into a trend follower. Enter Ultimate Weapon, Perfect World’s take at the increasingly popular team-based brawler, revived most recently by Blizzard’s Overwatch.


It would be hard to categorise Ultimate Weapon as a MOBA, as there are neither mobs nor standard lanes. Matches are played 3 vs 3 and 8 vs 8, with either human players or AI bots. Characters are divided into different factions, but doesn’t really add to the game since everyone can choose anyone to play as. Characters can be bought by either cash or in-game currency, similar to some of the skins.

Ultimate Weapon - Characters

At level 20, the card system opens up as well. Each hero can be equipped with 3 cards which provides them with passive boosts, such as increased critical rate, increased HP regeneration (which decreases after getting hit), increased damage for 2 seconds after causing damage, and many more. With Perfect World messing up Dota 2, I am not confident about the future of Ultimate Weapon.

Ultimate Weapon - Weapon skins