Dragon’s Dogma Online – Persona 5 crossover happening later next month

Capcom announced an intriguing crossover for Dragon’s Dogma Online earlier, as fellow Japanese developer Atlus will be visiting with its own game, Persona 5. From 13 October till 10 November, there will be a few mysterious quests for players to solve, with costumes from Persona 5 characters up for grabs. The costumes do not fit with the medieval environment, but I guess players dig that.


While this is late news, Dragon’s Dogma Online also received its Season 2.1 update recently, introducing the new 8-man raid dungeon roughly translated as “Feast of the Crimson Demon Isle”. New maps and features such as skill awakening were also added. Dragon’s Dogma Online is scheduled to launch in Taiwan next year as the first overseas server, with no English version on the horizon.