Black Desert Online – Powers unleashed as Sorceress awakens

[Game website] The second Class Awakening has arrived in Black Desert Online, this time bringing the Sorceress class to the front of the fray. The Sorceress’ Awakening weapon is an imposing Scythe that allows her to engage multiple foes and create veritable whirlwinds of destruction. Just like the Warrior’s Greatsword, the Sorceress will gain access to the Scythe after reaching level 55.


Get a glimpse of the Sorceress’ devastating new powers, as well as a sneak peak at Kutum, the fierce new boss also making its debut today, in the video above. To challenge Kutum, high level players must make their way to the long-lost Crimson Chamber, buried and hidden deep in the harsh desert. Be on guard, as Kutum is not very fond of curious trespassers wandering around his lair…