Warframe – The Silver Grove goes live with new content and improvements

[Play free now] Following the very recent Specters of the Rail update and successful TennoCon 2016, developer Digital Extremes continues to release quality game content for Warframe on a regular basis. The latest, The Silver Grove, is now live for the PC version of the sci-fi action MMORPG. The Silver Grove update introduces Titania, one of the most unique Warframes ever to be released in the game.


With the ability to shrink down in size, flying about the map with her built-in Archwing, Titania can eviscerate enemies with swarms of razor-winged butterflies and a unique set of Abilities. Major highlights from The Silver Grove Update for PC include:

NEW WARFRAME TITANIA: Trance enemies with the mystical powers of Lotus’ newest warrior, Titania. Overwhelm your foes with swarms of razor-winged butterflies, distract opponents with shiny lures, and morph into a small but deadly, flying fairy. This incredible shrinking Warframe packs a big punch!

Warframe The Silver Grove image 1

NEW LUNARO IMPROVEMENTS: Warframe’s recently released team sport Lunaro is expanding! Flip your perspective with a new Steel Meridian-themed Map, featuring a sideways net and mid-field ramps. Experience new gameplay improvements including a dedicated ‘pass’ button and the ability to guard while holding the Lunaro. Matchmaking improvements and volunteer servers are also added.

Warframe The Silver Grove image 2

NEW GLYPH SYSTEM: Leave more than just bodies of fallen enemies on the battlefield. Leave your mark with Warframe’ s new Glyph system. Choose from a variety of Glyph designs and make a statement in your environment.

Warframe The Silver Grove image 3