Ragnarok Mobile – Guild wars confirmed to be in mobile MMORPG

Chinese developer Xindong took part in ChinaJoy 2016 with its highly-anticipated mobile MMORPG, Ragnarok Mobile. Officially licensed from Gravity, the game is touted as a “faithful” port from the PC version, optimized for mobile devices with brand new features. What’s more, Xindong is preparing a massive warchest to market the game. Here are some details the game’s producer had for the media.

1. There is no confirmation for the business model yet, but there will definitely be no monthly payment like the original Ragnarok Online.

2. Players can expect features such as Guild vs Guild, manual adding of stats, and more from the original game.

3. There will be an official media event in the following months to announce the launch schedule for Ragnarok Mobile.

4. Xindong will use the Ragnarok IP to develop different kind of products, including VR games.

5. After China, the next target countries are South Korea and Japan, where Ragnarok Online is born and the most popular. Other markets will be considered later.

6. Xindong has also signed a deal with Korean entertainment powerhouse, YG Entertainment (Big Bang, PSY, 2NE1), to develop a new music game (unrelated to Ragnarok).


    • Actually for most Chinese games these days, there’s nothing saying we’re not allowed to play their games. Tencent also recently changed a few things in their policies, removing ip-blocks and allowing people to use language patches, etc.

      • Which makes sense. The chinese know that people will spend money especially westerners so might as well let them in. IP blocking will be like turning away free money because the community will make language patches and what-not so free labor by the people who want to play. If its popular enough then they’ll go the legal route of making it legit due to the sheer number of foreign players. Not a bad way to test the waters of foreign interest.

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